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'Lottery Diviner' collects 'positively charged' information from you.

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Lottery Diviner Description

Editor: Welcome to 'Lottery Diviner',lotteries number creation program which uses the ancient mystic art of Numerology to create lottery numbers which coincide with the cosmic Vibrations which ReLaTe to you and the people and things in your life.


As you know, you have only a tiny chance, something like one in forty million, of winning the average 'national' lottery. You have an even smaller chance of winning something like the Euro Millions lottery.

Nevertheless, millions of people spend at least £2 a week buying a ticket, and polls have shown that a large percentage of people illogically believe that one day they WILL be a winner, despite the odds.

Of course, SOMEONE is a winner most weeks, whatever the odds. People go to great lengths to pick their 'Lucky Numbers', using a pin, using dates of birth, house numbers, registration numbers etc to influence their choice.

BUT there is a far more methodical and scientific way of choosing the lucky numbers which should increase your chances of winning. This is to use the ancient, mystic craft of NUMEROLOGY.


'Lottery Diviner' collects 'positively charged' information from you, such as names, dates of birthdays, pets' names, things with positive connotations in your life. It is important NOT to input data about things you dislike or things which have been associated with bad luck, such as the registration number of a car in which you had an accident!

'Lottery Diviner' converts each datum into its 'numerological coefficient' which it stores within the program. The more information you input, the more numerological positivism is created. Finally, when you have entered all the information you wish, it uses these data to create an Algorithm which seeds a series of 'random' number generators.

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What's New in Lottery Diviner 1.02

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Windows XP, 2000, 98, Me, NT

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